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The Future of Clean Energy
Begins Here!

Newgaz s.a.l was established in Lebanon in 1965. Since its first day of operation, Newgaz is committed to promote clean energy and improve public awareness to train and motivate people to the efficient and clean use of energy.

Newgaz s.a.l is now leader in the market, in gas innovative products such as Gas Power Generators, Gas Boilers, Gas Heaters, Gas Mosquito Trap and other standard products such as Gas Tanks , Road Tankers and Mobile Filling Modules.
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Maintenance of Gas generators and gas installations

Selling generators and installing central gas systems never ends up at this stage...

Distribution of gas in bulk and cylinders

Newgaz makes sure to provide gas and its services to all clients...

Installation of central gas systems

Newgaz provides gas installation & maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial client...